Want to open your eyes to new horizons? Try Feeld, the application to find threesomes on your smartphone. Progress does not end in the field of encounters. If you are curious, Feeld is for you. This application will allow you to satisfy your desires by allowing to meet two other people to share your sex life. This application was made for singles and couples alike. The possibilities are limitless.

Feeld, a simple principle

The principle is simple, we connect by Facebook and then we create a profile. If one connects as a couple to find a third person, the application checks the link by Facebook, if the information “couple” has been populated on the social network.

We add photos as for any other dating site then we clarify our interests. Suggestions for profiles appear and it is enough to “liker” or not the profile in question. If the person likes your profile, there will be a “match”.

The conversation will be blocked after 3 days by Feeld to avoid the interminable blablas. Feeld makes it possible to find plans with three or four easily so no need to end indefinitely, if one is starting one launches.

The application is now free, but a feature remains paying, the “incognito mode” for not being spotted. We find this app only in the Apple App Store but we can think that it will soon be available on Android.

Find a threesome on Feeld App:

We open this application, filled with curiosity. The connection is via Facebook, it is a good way to be assured that it is secure. The first information to be filled in after the connection is “couple” or “single”. Thereafter, one informs the sex, the age and the sexuality.

Minimum age for this app is 18 years old. No miners just want to joke by making them curious. The maximum goes up to more than 70 years. You can find everything on the platform. We give our name or a pseudo, we inform some additional information, our desires and our interests. What we’re looking for is being asked. You can choose “couples”, “single people” or “everything”. We then indicate the age range of our research.

All you have to do is add photos and leave! After activating the geolocation data, profiles are displayed on the screen. Simply drag them up if you like, and down if you do not like. If we like a profile and it likes us in return, there is a “match” and the conversation can begin.

Different options are available to us. The “Lookaround” which displays profile proposals, the “Instant Meets” which serves to meet other people as quickly as possible for the three-way plan. Simply post an ad and wait for a reply.

This application is very easy to use, and quite playful. Now it remains just to think carefully and to wonder if the time has come to get to the end.

Feeld allows a couple to meet singles or other couples:

For several weeks, applications of encounters are born and arrive on the smartphones, until the dating sites. The latest one, Feeld is for enthusiasts of triangle in love. When you try to surf the wave of success, pay attention to the fall! Taking into account the success of the Feeld application, a new application should be born very quickly: Feeld (pronounced Threen-der).

The principle a dating application based on a few photos and geolocation. With the difference that if Tinder has as a goal the meeting love, Feeld is addressed to people looking … a plan to 3! The operation is simple and modeled on Feeld.

One can register as a couple, or as a single person. We add the pictures we want to show and then we go: we “Like” and we “Dislike” photos until provoking a “Match” … And the sulphurous encounter. Little mystery, it is not yet known if Feeld will also go through Facebook. Not necessarily, in any case, because it is indicated on the site of the application that one can use Feeld anonymously.

Changing looks The objective of the site is clear. They want to open the minds of people to a sexual practice that tends to multiply, while remaining hidden and rarely assumed. Feeld hopes to change the look of society and invites swingers beginners as experienced to join the Feeld community. In the application, it will be possible to highlight what is sought and the sexual “desires” targeted.

On the other hand, and according to the visuals consultable, the application could be free. If it is not available at the moment, the application should be downloadable on iOS and Android very soon. It is already possible to pre-register directly on the site to help developers to build the database of this application, and also be warned when the application is made available to the public.

Meeting people is often complicated: lack of time, shyness … This is why new technology is the solution to meet men and women of different ages …

Meeting people is often complicated: lack of time, shyness … This is why new technology is the solution to meet men and women of different ages …

But why settle for a two-fold plan when there is the Feeld application that makes it possible to discover pleasure with two other people.

Feeld: dating app for couples:

It is important to take into account the new desires of the twenty-first century such as triolism or polyamour, that is to say the plans to 3! There is no question, therefore, of contenting oneself with a single meeting in order to be fully satisfied.

How to use the Feeld application easily

Easy to download, the application allows a single person as a couple to quickly and easily realize a romantic and / or sexual encounter with 3. Of course, heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual relationships are welcome. To find the rare beads, simply complete her profile with a photograph and specify her desires, genres and sexual preferences.

Then, just “like” a profile that could match the cravings of the registrant. In case of reciprocity or “matches”, the user can then contact the person via message, chat. To him (or her) then to set an appointment to go to the serious things.

Highlights of Feeld

Certainly the application advocates licentiousness but there is no question of pornographic photos in the profiles. Sexual neutrality is therefore essential.

Moreover, the strong point of Feeld – unlike classic sites – is not to separate men and women, not to wedge them in research only homosexual or heterosexual. Based on Facebook profiles, this application also offers a paid option to remain anonymous. Thus friends and spouses alike will be able to ignore this secret part of the registrant’s life.

It’s time to get down to business with Feeld …